Celebration & Novelty Cakes

                                      At Siwgr Eisin we can cater for any Occassion whether it be a Birthday, Anniversary, Christening or Wedding.

Birthday, Anniversary & Christening Cakes.

                                            All cakes are made freshly to order and are individually iced and decorated to suit your requirements.

                                         They can have any decoration on them from photo toppers to flowers and even 3d characters and animals.

               Cakes can come in any size or shape. Sizes range from 4inch up to 14inch and can be round or square. We also have heart, hexagonal

                                                                                                          and number shapes available.

                  All cakes are covered in the finest fondant icing or homemade butter frosting and the cake itself can be one of many flavours to include:-

  • Classic Vanilla
  • Moist Chocolate
  • Chocolate Orange
  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry
  • Lemon
  • Coffee


                                                                                             All sponge cakes are filled with the option of:-

  • Strawberry Jam
  • Jam & Vanilla Buttercream
  • Chocolate Buttercream
  • Lemon Curd & Vanilla Buttercream
  • Coffee Buttercream

                                                                                                          or choose your own flavour filling.

                                                  We can also do a traditional fruit cake, which will be covered in marzipan and fondant Icing.

                  Fruit cakes are very moist as we soak the fruit in brandy and after they are cooked we also lather them in bandy intil they are covered

Wedding Cakes

                Wedding Cakes can be made in any size or shaped and can be either stacked or placed on a cake stand. We take great pride

                in ensuring that you have the cake of your dreams on your wedding day and therfore we like to have a number of consultations

                                                        with the Bride and Groom before hand to ensure that we get every detail correct.


Photo Cakes

We have the equipment to create photo toppers for your cake so if you require a photo this can be bought into the shop or emailed through at siwgreisin@hotmail.co.uk so we can copy it and print it out on edbile paper. We also use edible ink so the finished product will all be consumable.

Portion Guide

If you are not sure about the size of cake you require then the table below might be of help in choosing a size as it explains how many portions you will get from the cake. This is based on the cake being cut in grids as its best to do this rather than cuttting the cake in triangular pieces as you will get even sized pieces.

A standard cake is usually approx. 3” depth, with 1 layers of filling.
The number of portions listed below are based on a standard 1”x2” wide, 3” in depth each portion.

Sponge cakes have slightly bigger size per portion than fruit cake, as they don’t taste as rich. If you would prefer bigger portion, please go for the next bigger size, or polystyrene dummy could be used to make up the size if you would like the cake to stand out for the event.



Shape Round   Square  
size (inches) Fruit Sponge Fruit Sponge
6" 10 8 18 15
8" 20 18 32 25
10 35 30 50 40
12 50 40 72 60
14 70 60 98 80
16 100 80 128 100
18 135 100 162 140


Please be aware that the above is a guide only. 


Storge Of Cakes After Purchase.

Sponge cakes are best kept in dry, room temperature, away from sunlight. Do not keep an uncut cake in the fridge, since the temperature might run the icing and the colour down when you take the cake out. We suggest you to keep the cake in its original box until the celebration day, especially if you need to travel with it.

Store any leftovers in an airtight container and consume within 5 days.
Fruit cake has a longer shelf life, keep any leftovers in an airtight container and this will last for up to 1 year. Non-alcoholic fruit cake has a shorter shelf life.

Cake Prices

           Every cake is made to your individual needs so the price will depend entirly on your requirements. Please get in touch for a no obligation quote.


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