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Desserts, Puddings & Fresh Cream Cakes

At Siwgr Eisin we can make any dessert, pudding or cream cakes of your choice. We take orders for these before hand or we sell items by the slice in the shop. Our speciality is Lemon Cheesecake and this has proved very popular since we opened the shop back in April 2011. We also sell various other fresh cream cakes in the shop on a daily basis and these include chocolate eclairs, chocolate brownies and cream horns

We also take orders for desserts such as crumbles, fruit tarts, sticky toffee pudding, trifles, tiramasu, gateaux, choclate brownies and thats only to name a few things we can do.

If you are planning a family get together and need a dessert, pudding or a selection of fresh cream cakes please get in touch to make an order or just to enquire.

Portion Sizes

All desserts and puddings can be made to the required size. Below is an example of the sizes we currently do but if you need them smaller or larger please ask and we can do them in any size for you.

Cheesecakes - 6 portions or 12 portions

Fruit Tarts - 4 portions or 8 portions

Trifles - serves 4 people

Sticky Toffee Pudding - any size you require

Chocolate Brownies - individual portions

Chocolate Eclairs & Cream Horns- individual portions


Birthday Desserts & Cakes Using Fresh Cream

If you prefer your Birthday cake to be a little different you not go for a fresh cream gateaux or a cheesecake? Your greeting can be writen on top of a gateaux or a cheesecake using finest belgium chocolate.

Below is an example of a Fresh Fruit Gateaux which was used as an alterantive to the traditional sponge or fruit cake. This is a 9inch gateaux and would feed approximately 18-20 people.
































Above:- Strawberry Cheesecake 12 - 14 portion


Above:- White Chocolate and Strawberry Cheesecake 12-14 portion. We use the finest Belgium chocolate in all our products and that why is tastes so fabulous.

































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